Drama Opportunities for Kids

Every child dreams of being an actor and loves having the opportunity to put her natural skills to work. Parents who encourage their children to take part in drama activities help boost the children’s self-confidence, improve their self-esteem, and help their children learn how to speak clearly and express themselves effectively. There are many outlets in your community that will provide drama activities for kids but don’t forget that you can create drama opportunities in your own home.


Use PVC pipe and sheets or a large cardboard box to create a simple, fold-able puppet theater for your child. Purchase or make puppets and allow your child to create her own puppet performances. Once she is proficient, help her stage puppet shows at daycare centers or nursing homes. Puppet shows work well with one or more children. Entire puppet shows can be performed with an audio tract or the children can learn to project their voices.

Popsicle or paper bag puppets can be created at home. Home-written plays can be performed from one side of the kitchen table. This is an excellent way to use drama to encourage creativity in your child.


Schools provide extra-curricular drama clubs for students. Some clubs require participants to try out, but most allow any student that is interested to become involved. Before involving your child, check out the scheduling for practices and performances and make certain that your family schedule will work with the needs of the drama club. Other opportunities for drama can be found through Reader’s Theaters, skits, and plays that are performed in the classrooms or for school programs.

Community Theater

Community theaters often present shows that are created for child participants. Classics, like Peter Pan, are part of the theater for children’s repertoire.  Children are also cast in adult-oriented programs for community theater productions. If your child is looking for the thrill of acting in front of a paying audience, community theater auditions are worth attending. Prepare your child for the responsibilities that come with these performances before he auditions.


Church drama groups provide drama activities for kids. Skits are learned and performed for children’s stories, church programs, and other activities the church provides. Other churches offer drama activities around the major religious holidays.

Acting Classes

Many metro areas, and some smaller communities, have local schools that offer acting classes for kids. The acting lessons help children become more articulate and self-confident. Problem-solving skills and cooperative learning skills are developed as the children learn parts for performances the school presents. Some schools offer singing and dancing lessons to complement the acting lessons.

Professional Work

Contact an agent if your child is interested in serious, professional work. There are limited opportunities for kids in commercials, television, and movies.

Check out the drama activities available for your child. Some will be little more than play while other will involve a large commitment on time and effort. Consider the benefits your child will gain if he becomes involved, and then, sign him up!