Down time for children

Life can be busy and over scheduled, leaving little free time. Many believe that having a packed schedule is good for their children, and find it important to have plenty of planned activities. Whilst it is good for children to participate in many different activities and events, it is equally as important to allow for some down time, too. Parents become concerned if their child is left to their own devices with little to do, however, this needn’t be the case. Children need these moments of quiet solitude.

Why do children need down time?

Taking a break

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times, and we all need time to kick back, reflect and relax. This is the same for children, who often lead busy lifestyles with many scheduled activities. It is good for children to have time to relax and rest with little to do. It is actually good for children to have some down time each day. This time allows children to think, reflect and dream, which is all good for their health and well-being. Being able to take stock and rest is important for everyone, even children.

Learning about themselves

Time alone allows for self-discovery, which is vital. Children are learning about themselves and are shaping their personalities, as well as building towards their future. Down time allows for children to concentrate on the simple things in life, as well as learn about themselves and the world around them. Having time to process information, and absorb the world is important. Children that have time alone learn about themselves, which is an important part of growing.

Lazy days

The good old lazy days are great for just relaxing. These moments are perfect for children to be creative with their time. Whether they chose to do nothing or something is their choice. Either way, whatever they do with this free time is important for them. Parents need to learn to give their children time to just ‘switch off’ and do nothing. This is good and productive for children, as they get to entertain themselves, or just enjoy the rest. Down time is great to clear the mind, relax the body and just reflect.


Children learn a lot during down time, as they are able to freely choose what to do with this time. It gives them the chance to be creative, and use their imagination all whilst having fun. It is very relaxing and calming for a child to play freely without instructions or routine. It is important for their mental health and happiness, too. Children that are free to explore the world can gain interest in different areas of life.

Far too much time is planned out and activities and events are often organized. Busy lifestyles that are over scheduled can cause stress, tiredness and give children no time to do their own thing. Children need down time to relax, unwind and have fun. Being able to reflect, kick back and enjoy the finer things in life is what it is all about. Children need to be left to their devices at times to learn about themselves and the world around them.  Children from yesteryear did well from making their own entertainment and found creative ways to spend their time. It is time to give children back some free time to allow them to use it how they wish.