Don’t let the raw beets scare you

Believe it or not, a raw beet smoothie is actually quite delicious. Of course, it’s quite nutritious, too.  Beets are full of iron and vitamin C. They also contain vitamin A and calcium. They are also great source of fiber. By drinking beets raw in a smoothie, you don’t lose any of those good things that you might by cooking them. 

The color of this smoothie is shocking, but if you can get past the deep magenta hue, you’ll be surprised at how good it really is. If you have fresh ginger, that obviously is a better choice than ground ginger but not many people keep fresh ginger on hand.

You need a good, strong blender for this as raw beets are fairly tough on a blender.


2 small beets, peeled and chopped, stems discarded
1/2 of a small apple, peeled and chopped (Granny Smith are nice but any apple you like will work)
3 medium-sized strawberries
1/2 cup of crushed ice
1 cup of orange juice
A dash or two of cinnamon, ground cloves and  ground ginger (or to taste.)

Place the ice in the blender first and then layer in the chopped beets, chopped apple, strawberries and top it off with the orange juice. Add the cinnamon, ground cloves and ground ginger. 

If you have a smoothie setting on your blender, set it to that. If you don’t, medium high is the best way to go. Blend for about a minute and a half after the contents of the blender is liquefied. 

Serve in a tall glass with a straw. 

This recipe serves one but can easily be upped to serve more. 

This is a great afternoon pick-me-up. Don’t let the raw beets scare you because this is really a delicious smoothie. The spices in this drink give it a nice kick, too.