Don’t let Babies Cry themselves to Sleep – No

He/she is on the floor looking at the latest toys that are supposed to entertainment him/her, when the baby begins to cry. Going down the list of things that may have happened, changing a diaper, hungry, need a nap, put into a new position or maybe another toy. The baby cried that same way last night. It went on and on finally he/she fell asleep. You may have felt wrong but someone told you that you would spoil the child if you kept picking up the baby when he/she is crying.

Babies cry for many reasons and after exhausting your limited knowledge of what your baby to trying to say, you give up and cover him/her up and say good enough. Whether it is in the middle of the night or just as it is time to get up for work or in the middle of the day, babies demand our time. They are gifts to us, responsibility to take very seriously. They cannot do it themselves, they are completely dependent upon us. In these times, where everything is expected to happen like fast food deliveries, here is the first that requires our time, patience and unconditional love. Through the good and bad times that lay ahead for the parents of this sweet loving child, you must pour your love and devotion into him/her and because of this selfless act a personality and character develops that will be your legacy to the future.

When the baby is crying and your nerves are still raw from the drive home look down into that innocent face with has the biggest tears rolling down his/her cheeks and remember all he/she wants is your love and tenderness. At this point, all he/she wants is your touch, to hear your voice and the feel your hug. The baby wants to rest upon your chest and hear your heart beat once again. The heart beat that it listened to for nine months, lulled to sleep in that warm close place. A little rocking motion in a comfortable chair and you both will be enjoying the quiet special moments.

Take time let the baby have extra time to bond with you. They have so much that want you to know and feel. All they can do is demand your caring arms to hold them close so they can once again remember those intimate moments that they once had. They want to remember those times now and you will be so blessed to have them in your later years. Trust me.