Don’t Clean your Teens Room Make him do it how to get your Teen to Clean his Room

For the longest time my son never cleaned his room. It pretty much took an act of God to get him to clean his room. That act of God, was moving to a new home in a new city, when he had to sort through his piles of stuff on the floor, organize items and pack his room by himself. Then once he moved out several months later to go to college, whenever we visited him at school, he actually had his room neat and clean. Either he learned how to clean from his past mistakes, or he was hiding something he didn’t want us to see.

How can you get your son to clean his room?

Offer to help your teenager to clean his room. When he is home and fully awake one afternoon, take your teen aside and offer to help him clean  his room.  He should run to his room and start cleaning. He may have a girl hiding under all those clothes, or possibly homework that was due two months ago. Start walking to his room, with several large garbage bags in tow, and a bucket. This should do the trick. He should not want you to see his personal stuff. He might just clear a path in his room, or pick up the old, wet towels, but it is a start.

Tell your teenager that his Grandparents are coming over and they want to see his awards he has hung up in his room. Tell him his Grandparents really, and truly want to see his new video game contraption, that they can’t even pronounce, let alone play. In other words, play to your teens interests, so that he will clean up the mess, allowing parental, loving, people into his messy domain.

Don’t yell engaging him to a fight. Calmly ask him to clean his room. He is almost an adult now, and should be able to keep his mess clean. Do not clean his room for him. He will never learn to be responsible this way, and you will only have more work to do. In the case of a teenager that is too busy with school, work and sports, go into his room and do a small chore, such as picking up the dirty dishes before small bugs move into the house. You can pick up wet towels to save the floor. But don’t clean the entire room, even though you really want to. Tell him to cut down on an activity, so that he has more time to do chores and clean his room. Tell him to clean his room when he gets home from school, and not to play video games before running out the front door again.

Tell your teenager if he does not clean his room soon, you will start charging him rent. Tell him you will have to take his cellphone or driving privileges away. His room should be a priority to keep clean. His friends go in there, after all. By taking important things away, he may just get the hint that he needs to clean and be organized.

Even though your teenager is super busy with activities, school, work, a girlfriend, and socializing, he needs to learn responsibility, to take care of his room and his belongings.When he learns this now, you can rest assured he will be more responsible. You won’t have to go to his dorm room, his apartment or his new home to clean it like you are his unpaid maid.