Does Spanking Work for Disciplining Kids – Yes

I know from personal experience the difference between spanking and child abuse. My mother’s husband spanked my sister and I when we were out of hand but my father’s girlfriend ABUSED us. I once witnessed my stepmother chase after her own son with a golf club. Luckily, she was an overweight chain smoker and he was an active teenage boy.

In my experience with my own child, spankings are a quick way to bring her back to reality when nothing else works. I completely agree with spanking children and I spank my three year old daughter as needed. There are situations when timeouts work better, or a quick slap on her hand, but sometimes the only way I can get through to her is to spank her bottom. I have never left a mark, and I have never had anyone question me about my parenting. My daughter is respectful, smart and genuinely loving. If she does hit someone, I warn her and make her apologize. If it happens twice, she’ll usually go into a corner, but sometimes she fights me and hurts me as well, and I will simply turn her over and give her butt a light slap. Her high fives have more force than my spankings. I know it hurts her feelings more than anything. Do I like hurting my child? Of course not. Some days there are no other options. Children and unpredictable and my discipline tactics vary everyday.

I have lived in many different places, including Texas and Iowa. Where I lived in Texas, people are more liberal and still allow the principal of the school to spank a student when they misbehave. In Iowa, if you raise your voice just the slightest at your own children, everyone around you is on the phone calling CPS. In my opinion, the children in Texas, where they are still allowed to discipline their children as they please, are much better behaved than the children in Iowa. I have seen the two opposite ends of the spectrum. I had a conversation with the most polite person I’ve ever met in Texas, and he was probably no older than nine years old. He even called me “ma’am”. In Iowa, I have witnessed an eight year old girl chewing out her parents using language that I,even as an adult, would feel uncomfortable using.

I truly believe people should mind their own business and worry about their own children, unless they are abusive. Excessive spanking, or beatings obviously need some intervention, but when it is a simple spanking, people should let the parents do what they have to do.