Does Spanking Work for Disciplining Kids – Yes

This is a topic that I have been pondering for a long time. I remember the days of my youth, they were not really all that long ago. I can not believe how much this country’s combined mentality has shifted when it comes to raising our children. What ever happened to consequence for personal actions? What ever happened to being able to discipline your children? What happened to moral responsibility? What happened to self respect? I do not understand the current mentality of this country. So my answer to this debate is absolutely! Spanking does work when disciplining your children.

When I was young my parents placed restrictions and limitations on me and my sibling’s actions to help protect us from the evils of the world. In the summer, when we were playing outside, the rule was that we were to be on the front porch when the street lights came on. If we were not, we would get grounded from being able to play outside for at least a week. Sometimes if we went way past curfew, and were not readily found, I would get spanked. Not beat, abused, bruised, bloodied, just plain spanked. One spanking for not following the rules was enough to keep me in line for a long time. It was through discipline that I learned that there is a consequence for my actions.

So why has society decided that discipline is a horrible thing? Why must we coddle our children when they misbehave? Rules are placed on us for our protection as a child and for life’s lessons. If I would chose to disobey my parent’s rules, there was a consequence. Children of today do not understand what consequence for inappropriate actions are. That is a very basic and necessary lesson to learn in life. As an example, children who are unruly in school no longer have a consequence for those actions. When I was in school, the paddle kept me from ever mouthing off to a teacher or acting disrespectful in any way. I was not allowed to date, or wear makeup until I was 16. Then it was extremely supervised by my parents. I was not allowed to shave my legs until I was almost 14. I see 14 year old girls today and they have already started coloring their hair, wearing a lot of make up, multiple piercing, wearing clothes that barely cover their bodies, and yes, even some of them have started getting tattoos! Yet, society wonders why young girls are preyed upon. When you have a young man around the age of 18-19, how can they tell how old they are? Parents allow these very young girls to hang out at local coffee shops until well after midnight. Case in point, my 14 year old niece talks about sex, alcohol, parties, and boys. I am appalled by her actions, yet she is not alone. Most of the young girls of today act the same way. Society deems it appropriate for them to act this way. When did we lose our moral focus? Why are we inviting harm to our young girls? I realize that hormones play a big factor in this, however, being taught self respect goes a long way.

This behavior is not limited to just 14 year old, I have seen girls as young as 11 act like this. In fact recently I saw a news report about a strip club that was shut down because they caught underage girls working there as strippers. The youngest was 12! I have to ask, where are her parents? Children are no longer allowed to be young girls, they are pushed by their parent and peers to grown up as fast as they can. Why? I look back at my younger days with great fondness, it was such a simple time. Life smacks you around way too much once you are older, so why push them into it before they are ready? There no longer seems to be limitations on children anymore. Children are no longer taught that way I was taught. Granted, it is not every family, but I have seen it to be more the norm than not. Even when I try to buy clothes for my very young daughter, I look at them and think there is no way I am putting this on a 8 year old. She’s eight not 21! Eight year old girls do not need to wear hip hugging tight jeans, belly showing shirts, and clothes so snug that you can see every dimple. They also they do not need to wear mini skirts where you can see their underwear if they bend over even slightly. I have to ask, with the twisted adults that are out there in this brave new world, why would any parent want to dress their precious little girls in this attire? I refuse to buy the clothes. I draw the line with my daughter and she will not be like everyone else. She has no piercing, and will not until she is old enough to sign for it herself. She will stay a little girl as long as I can help it.

What ever happened to teaching children about respect? Respect for their education, teachers, police, judges, and so forth. I was taught that my school work and grades mattered and there was a consequence if I did not. I was taught to treat the police, teachers, principals, clergy and any authority figure with respect and there most definitely was a consequence if I did not. I was taught to believe in God, I was taught to have morals, I was taught to stand up straight and sit up straight. I was taught about working hard and caring about my work. I was taught that if a company hires me to work a job, then I must work that job to the best of my ability. I was taught to go above and beyond my duties if I could. I was taught to excel in everything that I tried. I was taught to never give up. I was taught to tell the truth no matter what. I was taught to always do my best to succeed or win but that it wasn’t the end of the world if I failed or lost. In that failure or loss was a lesson in life. It is good to be humbled from time to time. I was taught life is what you make of it. I was taught to treat others as I would have them treat me. I was taught to respect other’s properties whether it be toys, bikes, furniture, their house, their yard, whatever that property was. I was taught to dress, speak and act appropriately. I was taught to be proud of who I am, my abilities, and my achievements. I was taught self respect. I was taught the ten commandments set forth by God, I follow these commandments to this day. I was taught to respect and protect life whether it be a human life or an animal life. Happiness comes from within not by money, material possessions, or a great job. I was simply taught personal responsibility. What has happened to these lessons in life?

Our youth of today have no consequences anymore because we as parents, teachers, police, and so forth no longer have the authority to discipline our youth. The children and teenagers of today feel it is perfectly OK to talk back to adults, abuse privileges, disrupt classrooms, and break the law. They have no respect for authority figures and feel free to display whatever type of behavior they want to. The worst is they have no respect for themselves or their bodies. When I was a teenager I would have never thought to mouth off to a teacher or police officer. The consequence to that behavior would have been horrible. Parents who discipline their children and who are strict have found that they’re children thrive. The government feels that spanking is now abusing your children. If a parent spanks their child, their child can now call the police and press charges against them. Why? I know that there are many cases of severe abuse and those cases must be handled. I do not in anyway support abusing your children, but I do feel that a good spanking once and a while is good for them. It teaches them consequence. Especially an unruly teenager who consistently talks back to their parents and authority figures. The government has empowered and enabled bad teenagers by taking away the ability to stop bad behavior. I do not in anyway what so ever support abusing children, I feel that is a horrible thing. Grounding, taking away privileges, and yes, spanking are very necessary to raise a child properly. I believe that there should be curfews, rules and limitations for children. I believe that parents should watch what their teenagers are doing, how they are dressing, the friends that they have, the shows that they watch on television, and the websites they visit on line. Bottom line, we as parents need to be much more proactive when it comes to raising our children. Spanking is a great deterrent for children. When they have to stop to think if they should and they remember just how unpleasant spanking, it just may be enough to make then think about not doing it. Discipline by either spanking or grounding or taking away privileges or all three combined is necessary in raising your children to become responsible adults.