Does Parental Stress Endanger Children – Yes

Parental stresses are indeed endangering their children. Be careful, your children are watching how you handle your stresses. Children may even feel like a drink will solve their problems, because they see a parent drunk and oblivious to daily stresses. Do you take out your anger and stresses on others? You may be raising a bully,because that child believes bullying someone is the way to handle stresses. How about mothers, who spend a lot of time and money in the malls to escape the pressures at home. This is commonly known as retail therapy and it may eventually cause harm to your children if they follow your pattern.

Endangering, our children may not show any negative side effects until many years later. A father, that displays road rage each time he gets behind the wheel of a car , may not only endanger his safety, but cause a child to be aggressive towards other drivers when he or she is driving. Losing control or losing your temper, at times can not be avoided. We are all under a tremendous amount of stress.

How do you handle your stresses? Does your child see you engaged in activities that are productive each time stresses befall you? We are not perfect as parents and all of us need improvement. The first rule to counteract stresses is take a few moments before you react. Yes, the time factor is very important. and many of us feel as though we must handle the situation right away. The best way to handle any situation is with a well thought out plan.

The wolves may be barking at your door. It’s simple, don’t let them in. Teaching your children to handle stress may be a tedious task. They will reap the reward of this lesson, all of their life. If you fail to teach them , you may be endangering their life.

My life may serve as an example, to teach others how to handle stresses. My grandmother taught me to pray. For many years , I neglected her teachings. i tried to handle everything that came my way. This worked for me, for many years,until the worrying about the stresses nearly killed me. I learned to pray and think positively. Each day, I board my positive train of thought . At times, I may feel depression coming on and then I reject the negativity and follow up with something positive.

Stresses are a negative force. Don’t worry, you can combat them. It does not require physical ability. Our children possess a keen sense of resilience. Perhaps we can take our cue from them to bounce back from our stresses. Please don’t take it out on your children and don’t kick the dog. Keep in mind , this may be a season that you are going through. We can all benefit from handling our stresses, instead of taking it out on others. Hug your kids today. I guarantee you, loads of stress will leave you.