Does Competition help or Hurt Young People – Help

Why would it hurt them? Someone explain this to me?

We live in a world where competition is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to mega-corporations like Microsoft, Starbucks, and Wal Mart it’s becoming next to impossible to compete, but still the smaller companies persevere. Why? Because they believe that they stand a chance.

This is America. Competition is what made us great.

We didn’t like the Brits telling us what to do, so we stood up and fought back. Win or lose, we still thought it was the best course of action.

Some folks in the Southern States didn’t like the idea of a big federal government telling them what to do, so they rebelled. Sure, they lost, but they made the point clear that the federal government should listen to the individual states before making sweeping decisions.

We saw that some countries in Europe were trying to destroy the rights of others, so we joined the fight and helped to teach them that freedom is worth fighting for.

The Japanese were dominating the tech industry, so we fought to raise our standards to compete with them. Because of this the Halo franchise is outselling any other franchise currently coming out of Japan – at least until Final Fantasy XIII comes out.

Kids should be encouraged to compete with other kids. It will teach them what will happen to them in the real world. If they want a good job they’re going to have to fight for it. If they want that raise or promotion, they’re going to have to out-shine the other folks in their company. This is how the game is played and it’s best that they learn how to play it at an early age!

If we tell kids that competing is bad they’ll just become mindless drones of a society that blindly does what the most powerful and charismatic tell them. They need to be taught to strive. Sure, they might not always win, but if they lose their competitive spirit we’ll just become like so many countries around the world where no one has any rights and we can only do what we’re told.

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