Divorced Parents can be Lent a Helping Hand with the Perfect Book

Even though many probably believe that teens are more mature and capable of understanding divorce, it is difficult for children of any age. There are a few books that are excellent for parents so they can help their teens and a few books that are written expressly for the teens themselves.

Books for parents of teens

1)The Truth about Children and Divorce: Dealing with Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive
By: Robert Emery.
This book helps show the child’s side of things. This is not a book that is gloom and doom. It is written with warmth and wisdom based on controlled studies of the effect of divorce on children.

2)Making Divorce Easier on Your Child: 50 Effective Ways to Help Children Adjust
By: Nicholas Long and Rex Forehand.
This book gives concrete ideas for parents. Most of it is common sense, but sometimes parents need help with these areas.

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3)Talking to Your Children about Separation and Divorce: A Handbook for Parents
By: Risa J. Garon.
This is a book that gives good suggestions on how to deal with the subject of divorce with kids.

4)For Better, for Worse: A Guide to Surviving Divorce for Pre-Teens and Their Families
By: Janet Bode, Stan Mack and Ronnie Kaufman This book is down to earth problem solving. It is based on interviews with over 1000 students, parents and therapists.

Books parents should consider buying for the teens

1)The Divorce Helpbook for Teens
By: Cynthia MacGregor

This is a straightforward guide that establishes empathy with teens and relates to them in a non-judgmental way. There are exercises that teens can do including journaling.

2) Keeping Your Life Together When Your Parents Pull Apart: A Teen’s Guide to Surviving Divorce
By: Angela Elwell Hunt.
This book includes stories of two teens dealing with the breakup of their families.

3) Split: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Divorce
By: Carlienne Frisch.
This is a visually appealing book that reads like a journal. Very appealing to teens.

4) Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers with Their Parents’ Separation or Divorce
By: Lynn Cassella-Kapusinki
This book brings God into the solution. It included activities on burnout, blaming and more. There are true/false quizzes, charts, and opportunities to express feelings. It may be better suited to younger teens.

5) The Bright Side: Your Guide to Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce
By: Max Sindell.
This book is geared for children and even includes a disclaimer that it is NOT for parents. It includes a Kid’s bill of Rights.

6) Don’t Ask Me to Choose: Teens Write About Divorce
By: Youth Communication.
These are true stories of teens going through divorce. The book has multiple authors. Teens will be able to relate to the stories because they are written by teens, not adults for teens.