Divorce how it Affects Grandparents

The increasing rate of divorce globally has changed the world so much. We all know that divorce causes discomfort for the children as in every stage of childhood; they need both the biological parents .We has learned to manage our kids across the world by being a single parent. It has been often found that Child living with one parent is never that competitive as with both the parents. We know everything but still never bother to cut down the rates.

We have often neglected the needs of child in comparison with our own ego. This is not the end of the story. Child is not the only victim of our egos. They are the grandparents who had a great intimacy with their grand children but cannot say anything. They want to be with the grand children but what if the custody of children is to other parent.

Let’s not talk about what is happening and for what all we are responsible as parents who are recently divorced. We will discuss about the effects of divorce on grandparents and their relationship with grand children.

Grandparent’s grandchildren relationship:

During this whole process, grandparents are the only adult’s child can rely on. Children lose their interest if they will be separated from them too. Grandparents should allow following the same schedule to visit grandchildren even after the divorc. Grandparents always want to listen their grandchildren even if they don’t have answers to most of their questions. This will help the children not to feel neglected even when their parents are busy with Divorce formalities.

Some steps for grandparents to follow:

Stay neutral:

Your intention is to be with your grandchildren. Stay neutral. Allow them to share their feelings with you. Never express your feelings for any of the parents on them. Why to involve them in such activities where they don’t have any control. If you stay neutral, they will come out with their thoughts openly. You are the trusted shoulder on which they can rely. Give them the confidence that you will always be there for them. Be considerate and understanding of grandchildren.

Be patient:

Patience is always the key for any problem. Especially when you will not be allowed for any visits immediately after the divorce. Understand the fact that it’s not easy to come over such situation. Be it your own son or daughter or your son’s ex -spouse. Time is the best healer so be patient. Parents also know that you can be the best healer for their kids. Sooner or later they will allow you to meet them.

Never criticise:

When you are with the kids, enjoy time with them. By doing things you both enjoy. Reading, playing or just listening to them. Never tell the kid something negative about any of the parents. This can have a real bad impact on the kid.

Being grandparents you need to understand that your Grand children are really having hard times when they need to live with one of their biological parents. They look at you to share their feelings openly with and want you to be their side. Love them unconditionally. Act in respectful ways to to them and make their life easier in such tough times.