Divorce how it Affects Grandparents

A divorce is hard on everyone involved not just the ex husband and wife. Their children, and even their parents, also have to deal with the pain and suffering. Although not every mother & father in law feels the divorce the same way, some are relieved, sad, happy or even depressed about the upcoming divorce. But if there are grandchildren involved, the pain can be extreme. And even the sense of loss they face when the divorce becomes more then a possibility but a reality. And some of there greatest nightmares can become a major part of their lives.

The love a grandparent has for there grandchild is indescribable, but when a divorce happens, The pain to lose out on seeing and knowing there grandchildis probably the biggest lost outside of actually losing your child. And it’s becoming more and more real to many grandparents today., and sadly the laws are barley keeping up with the growing problem that has been facing america for quite sometime.

In todays world the divorce rate is rising and many people are being extremely effected. One mistake I think many grandparents make is taking sides, And other the other side parents seem to let there feelings effect the best interest of there child. One of the best things for a grandparent to do is not to get involved with the failing relationship and not have “hard feelings” arise. Now that doesn’t mean cater to the custodial parents every wish, but don’t go pointing out everything he or she does wrong either. Recentment will grow and may cause them to pull the grandchildren away.

On the other side, Parents should realize that this isn’t about you or what you want but that it is what is healthy for a child to have their grandparents in there lives raither or not the Parents and Grandparents get along. Contact should be allowed on some terms, unless there is abuse involved then supervised visits and phone calls are in order. Please remember that this isn’t about you, This is about your child. and what is best for your child. And no matter what was said or done the grandparents love that child and should see him or her.

The toll and pain a divorce takes is great. it effects everyone involed, but there are many things, parents and grandparents can to to help ease the pain. I just hope that everyone that reads this takes a moment to get along and realize what is in the minor child’s best interest. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the other person, there is a child at sake. And the emotion damage is great.