Disney Offers a Lot of Options

Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of, according to the nursery rhyme. But this little rhyme doesn’t help much when it comes time to decorate. There are, however, many other places to look when searching for ideas for your little boy’s nursery.


Disney is a popular place to look for ideas. If you are an animal lover, the fox and the hound would be a great theme for a little boy. Think of the wonderful stuffed animals that you could find. Peter Pan is another option that would be a great little boy’s theme. Of course, there is always Mickey or Donald, Aladdin or Nemo. The beauty of choosing a Disney theme is that getting the accessories is easy. You can order them from the Official Disney Store or from major retailers around the country.


When it comes to sports there are about as many themes as there are fathers. It can be all about a particular sport such as baseball or football or it can be about one team. These ideas are easy to execute because so many items are readily available. It is easy to find wallpaper or border, baby blankets, lamps and rugs with a sports theme.


This can cover tractors, cars, trucks, bicycles and much more. It can also be airplanes, trains or gliders. If cars are your choice, you can find a wide selection of items from the Pixar movie “Cars” to enhance your baby boy’s nursery. You can even carry on the theme with his baby clothes.


If you love primary colors and balloons, going with a circus theme can be great fun. You can find — or make — cloth balloons to decorate the walls. Adding clowns and circus elephants will make an appealing nursery.


When most people associate the color blue with little boys. Though it is a common nursery color for baby boys it doesn’t need to be blue. Almost any color can be worked into a very attractive little boy’s nursery. If you have white walls, it makes a clean canvas for anything you want to hang on the walls.

When creating the nursery, you may want to express the style in the rest of your house and not have a theme. All it takes to make a comfortable nursery is a crib, storage for clothes and toys and possibly a rocking chair. You can keep the décor as simple as wooden colored letters on the wall with his name and a few stuffed animals.

Your baby boy is not going to remember that you did a great job decorating his room; all he will remember is being comfortable and loved.