Discipline techniques for toddlers

Toddlers are at a stage of life where they are learning, and where boundaries and rules are imperative. At this stage in life they are learning what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, as well as learning how to conduct themselves appropriately. There is much for a toddler to learn, and during this time, many mistakes and wrong behaviors may be encountered. This is normal and natural for children to go through this process. Effective discipline is needed to guide a toddler to teach them right from wrong.

Effective discipline techniques:

Getting the balance right

Too much discipline can have the opposite effect, and be more damaging than good. It is important to seek out the good in your toddler, and praise and acknowledge her good behavior. This is essential for her self-esteem, confidence and self-belief. Discipline is needed at times where necessary to teach your child that certain behavior isn’t acceptable. Getting the right balance is essential to ensure your toddler learns right from wrong, while maintaining a happy and positive outlook in life.


Children thrive on getting praise and positive acknowledgment for their achievements. They aim to please, and when they receive that good feeling from doing right and being praised, they try even harder to continue seeking positive reinforcement and appreciation. Find the good in your toddler and praise her where appropriate. This dispels negative behaviors and encourages good behavior. It is important to let your toddler know when she is doing right, to understand what is good and acceptable behavior.


Toddlers are at a learning phase in their life where they are testing their boundaries and learning how to conduct themselves. There may be unruly behavior at times, which is to be expected. Unwanted behavior may be instigated from anger, frustration, boredom and tiredness among many other reasons. Until your child knows how to find control, unwanted behavior may happen from time to time. Enforce age-appropriate discipline to allow her to understand why her actions are not warranted. Choose your battles carefully, and ensure to not punish every little wrongdoing.

Effectively discipline your toddler

Whilst the unwanted behavior your toddler displays at times can cause frustration, it is imperative to remain calm to be in control of the situation and model good behavior. Your child learns from you and your actions. When she exhibits unwanted behavior, get down to her level and in a calm and assertive voice let her know that the behavior is not acceptable. Explain the reason, and show your disapproval. Explain why the behavior was wrong in a short and simple way to give confirmation of why it was wrong, to allow her to understand why the behavior was unsavory.

Discipline must be issued immediately to let your toddler know what they have done wrong. Once the discipline has been issued and an apology has been given, move on. Keep the balance right with praise and discipline, to keep your child grounded and well-adjusted. Children need guidance and discipline to learn how to grow into respectable individuals.