Discipline should you Lock your Child in his Room

This is a really tough call. I really understand this professionally and personally. As a parenting educator and therapist for the last fifteen years I would have tended to say, “No.” But with the new wisdom or rather experience of being a parent of three very different children I now do lock one of my children in his room when he is out of control and aggressive and on a time out.

My husband and I have tried many other solutions before resorting to this one. When my son reaches a certain point his temper is soaring and on the way to time out he is kicking and hitting and when he is put in his room for his four minute time out (he is four years old) he will not stay there and he begins throwing things in his room. We have moved breakable dangerous stuff out. You could say it is a time out for me, it does not feel like one. I do not think locking yourself in a bathroom if you have other kids is a great solution becuase that means your other children are unsupervised. My son usually calms down within minutes and sits with his pillow, he does not do this if we do not shut his bedroom door. Rather he gets up and continues to come out and act out.

I have three very different children and I have only locked the door for one of my children. The other kids went to time out and stayed for their couple of minutes without destroying their things or harming others.

I have found that in parenting every parent and child is unique and your parenting style must match your unique situations. I am not an advocate of locking a door if I could find a viable alternative I would. But for my son’s safety and those of his siblings sometimes this is what we have done.