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Using cloth diapers is basically the exact same as using a disposable diaper. The main difference is you don’t have to continue buying cloth diapers and, when you’re done, you don’t throw them away. Instead, you wash them and use them again.

There’s a stigma that cloth diapers take a lot of extra work, but they’re relatively easy (after all, your washing machine does most of the work).

The way your cloth diapers work depends on the type of cloth diaper you select. There are three major types of cloth diapers: flat diapers, pre-fold diapers and all-in-one diapers (such as FuzziBuns and BumGenius).

Flat diapers: These diapers come in one size and can be used for all sizes of baby. The main difference with this diaper is that it has to be folded into the shape of a diaper. It starts as a thin, square cloth and after several folds, is ready to be used. Flat diapers also must be used in conjunction with a water proof diaper cover.

Pre-fold diapers: Perhaps the most popular diaper because it is both inexpensive and easy to use, pre-fold diapers are a rectangular-diaper that doesn’t require as many folds or preparation as flat diapers. The two sides are folded over the thick middle and placed on the diaper. The sides are then held in place with diaper pins or a fastener. Pre-folds must also be used with waterproof covers.

All-in-one: These diapers are regularly new to the cloth diaper market (your grandma didn’t have this option). They’re also the most expensive option. These do not have to be bought in multiple sizes and you do not have to use covers. The diaper includes a cover-like outer piece as well as an absorbent insert. The insert must be removed before washing and re-inserted before diapering. The outer diaper has several snaps that can be adjusted as the baby grows.

Diaper covers: There are several diaper cover options if you use pre-fold or flat diapers. Some include the vintage plastic covers, which is what used to be exclusively used. There are also LiteWrap and Thirsties diapers, which fit closer than plastic pants and are adjustable. Finally, there are also wool covers. Wool covers are the most expensive covers and provide the most breath ability. These can be homemade or purchased.

Each diaper is put on differently, but they all work basically the same way. When you select your diaper, make sure to figure out how to use them.

All diapers aren’t the same, but they all work great and should be decided based on your preference.