Diaper change essentials

When it comes to your precious bundle of joy, you have to be prepared so as to anticipate his or her needs. One of the most essential needs of your child is to be ready when nature calls. As such, in order to carry out an efficient diaper duty, it’s very essential to have certain items in close proximity so as to make a smooth change. Having the right things nearby when changing a diaper is very vital for safety reasons. After all, you don’t want to leave your baby unattended while you go scurrying off to fetch an important item.

Some of the things that are necessary to have beforehand are:

Changing table/bed

A changing table with safety straps is great to use for proper diaper change. Or, if there is none nearby, an efficient change can always be done on the bed. However, make sure that baby is safe. Never leave baby unattended on a raised surface.


Of course, fresh diapers are needed. Do ensure that you have a couple extra pairs on hand in case baby has to go again while completing the change. A stack of diapers near the changing area means that you have them ready.

Burp/extra piece of cloth

Bear in mind that sometimes babies especially boys do have accidents during change; and this could cause soiling of clothing as well as ‘spraying’ in face/clothing of both you and child. Therefore, it’s wise to have on hand that extra cloth in order to facilitate that accident.

Baby wipes

Ensure that you have enough baby wet wipes on hand to clean and freshen baby’s genitals as well as other body parts if necessary. Have the pack open ready or take some wipes out ready to use to make it easier.

Diaper cream

In order to prevent diaper rash and to keep baby properly moisturised, always apply cream to buttocks and other genital areas. Desi-tin cream or Vaseline is a great product to have on hand for this purpose. Cream isn’t needed for every diaper change, though.

Extra changing clothes

It is always a good idea to have on hand fresh changing clothes in case of soiling. Have a vest and all-in-one stretchy outfit with the changing essentials for those times that changing clothes is necessary.


Babies tend to become a little fussy when they are being changed. In order to distract them and keep them still, it’s a good idea to have on hand a rattler or any small toy. This can serve to occupy baby to allow for time ti get the change done as easily as possible.

Trash bag

Always place soiled diaper in trash bag and discard of same as soon as possible so as to prevent foul odors later on. If you are out where there is no way of disposing of soiled diaper, do take along a zip lock bag to store same until you get the chance.

It is very important that you are always prepared for your child’s needs. Therefore, if you are out, always have on hand diaper bag packed with the above items. This move will certainly make things easier; and you and your baby will be happy.