Diaper Bag Essentials what you really need to Pack

New moms, you’re entitled to pack all the cute little frilly things you really don’t need because, as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. But moms of multiples like me, 7, 5, and 3 months, this is your guide to the no nonsense diaper bag.

First, get a roomy diaper bag, ones with compartments are really nice. You’ll need about 4-6 diapers, you never want to be caught without enough. If you’re anything like me you try your best to avoid the public restrooms at all costs even though they have the ever so convenient baby changing stations. Because of this it’s possible for a diaper to stay on a little too long when on the go. So, bring along your favorite tube of diaper rash cream for any redness. This leads me to my next essential, the changing pad. I would say the changing pad is definitely a must have as it’s your very own little traveling baby changing station. They come with most diaper bags too!

Another thing that comes with most diaper bags is an attached soiled diaper plastic bag. However, I would not call this an essential because…well…does not everyone have a garbage can? I would just use this as a little place for mom: Kleenex, money, keys, gloss. No purse needed. Think lightweight. The best part: since it’s attached it’s impossible to leave from anywhere without it!

Now you’ll also need one blanket, maybe two, to serve in keeping baby warm and to cover baby and mom if breastfeeding. Speaking of breastfeeding, no bottles needed! Less weight and no nonsense. Boy, will your shoulder thank you! A burp cloth is good but you can also just place a bib on the baby to make room for wipes. Now don’t carry the big case.

They make travel sized cases for wipes that are really inexpensive and reusable. You’ll need a change of clothes of course. You never know when you’ll have an explosion and don’t forget the pacifier. This can fit well into a side pocket of the bag if any. Hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes are good to have not only for you but your other little ones too. Also, it’s a good idea to take along a little snack for your older kids. There you have it, the no nonsense diaper bag: diapers,rash cream, changing pad, soiled diaper bag turned mini purse, blankets, pacifier, wipes, hand sanitizer and you’re ready to go.