Diaper Bag Essentials Everyday Diapers Necessities to Diaper Bags

If you are a mother, you know how important a diaper bag is to your everyday, traveling life. There are lots of things that are needed when you have a little one, but below are the essentials that you cannot leave home without.


This is why we call it a diaper bag, right!? However, it is always a check list priority if your diaper bag. Never assume that the duh things are where they are suppose to be. Double check to make sure there is enough diapers in your diaper bag to accommodate the type of trip your are taking; whether it be just a quick run to the grocery store or a road trip be sure to be prepared for anything.

Powder/Rash Ointment

It is very important to carry baby powder with you at all times. This is an essential that helps keep your child dry and reduce excess moisture. Usually when we are going anywhere, which means time in a car seat that doesn’t breathe well for wet diapers. Powder will help reduce this issue. Also ointment will help when there is excessive amount of dirty diapers that cause a raw spot on your child’s bum. Be sure to always have a tube on hand to help prevent irritation.

Baby Wipes

These are a must have in the diaper bag. Wipes are useful for more than just cleaning after a dirty diaper. They are great with spills, sticky hands, and food on clothing. Make sure not to forget this essential when packing the diaper bag.


Make sure to pack a few Ziploc bags or containers of snacks for your child. This will help with those instant hunger pains they get while your grocery shopping or driving. It is important that your child receives plenty of nutrition so use this helpful packing tool to carry some extras.

Favorite Toy

Be sure to pack your child’s favorite toy if you are planning on a longer day or dropping them off at a babysitters’. This will bring a little comfort from home and is an essential to your child’s happiness.

Bottle/ Cup

Do not forget the main tool of parenting: the drinking device for your child. This is a must to any diaper bag. Your child needs plenty of milk/water for good nutrition. Whatever stage your child is at be sure to carry the right kind of drinking apparel for him/her.

I am sure that not all the items that can be contained in a diaper bag are listed, but these are the essentials to any trip. Be sure that there is plenty and clean supplies of each essential listed above. These essentials will help with everyday travel or long road trips.