Developmental Milestones for a Babys first Year

As soon as your little bundle of joy is born she will react to loud noise’s, showing she is capable of hearing. this is known as reflex behaviour. Other reflex behaviours include turning her head, sucking on a finger if offered and “rooting” the search for milk either from a breast or bottle.

At about 1 month old your baby should when put on her tummy, start to hold her head up, stare at faces and possibly follow objects briefly with her eyes.

By about 2 months she should be getting better at holding her head up for short periods, and will begin to notice her hands and may sit staring at them for long periods. At this stage if you are lucky you may also spot the occasional smile or laugh.

Around 3 months she will be able to hold her head steady, she should also be able to recognize your face and scent. She will start to make squeals or gurgles and start to blow bubbles. This may also be the stage she will start teething, offer her things to sooth her teeth like special teething rings or soothing gels.

Then at 4 months she will smile and laugh for you. She will also start cooing and gurgling more and more when you talk to her. Also she will start attempting to roll over from her tummy to her back and will also start gripping toys. Around this stage your baby may start getting ready for her first tasters of solid food. A very exciting period for every mum.

At 5 months she will start playing with her newly discovered hands and feet. She may also recognize her name and may start trying to roll over in both directions (tummy to back and back to tummy)

By 6 months she should be able to roll in both directions, and will move on to trying to sit without support. She may also be able to pass objects from hand to hand. Also around this stage she may cut her first tooth. If you haven’t yet started your baby on solids now is the time to do so.

By the time 7 months comes she should be able to be able to sit without support, and may begin to lunge forward or start attempting to crawl.

At 8 months she may start saying “Mama” and “Dada” but don’t worry if she doesn’t get the right one for the right parent, her crawling should be coming along well by now, and she may start trying to stand while holding onto objects.

By 9 months she will start “cruising” (walking while holding onto objects), and can start eating finger food.

At 10 months she will start waving goodbye and may try indicating what she wants by pointing at things.

Around 11 months she will be able to say “Mama” and “Dada” to the right parent, she should also be able to stand alone for a few seconds. She will also start to understand the word “No”

By the time the 12th month comes she will be taking her first steps and may be able to say one word other than “Mama”

It is also said with a second child development can either go very fast because they want to join in, or very slow because they are happy to just sit and watch.

Remember the development your child reaches in her first year is the most important, and no 2 babies are the same and this is just a rough guide don’t worry if you baby is “behind” they all learn to do it in the end.