Developmental Milestones for a Babys first Year

Only after having my 5th child, was I informed about the “Wonder Weeks”. Up until this time, I was constantly wondering(like so many of you)why my baby was crying so much or why settling him was harder than usual.
Well now I have the answer and believe me , it explains a lot.
Researchers have discovered that babies go through a number of week-long periods during their first 12 months when there will be quite significant changes in development.
Whether it be understanding a new concept(such as recognizing you, even though they cant see you) or gaining a new physical skill, your baby will have developed in some way.
The downfall to all this is babies often find it hard to adapt to these changes and could become a little scared, harder to settle, more “clingy” or might not feel like eating.
This may be hard for you to cope with, but alot of the time if you know its coming you will be a little more prepared for it.
The “Wonder Weeks” are most likely to be:
Week 5-during this week baby’s internal organs develop more; he will be able to focus for longer; will be more alert and awake for longer periods; will smile more and even start to cry real tears.
Week 8- baby will start to recognize simple patterns in the world including all senses; discover his hands and feet and will try swiping at objects and kicking; will show interest in lights and shadows and will become more vocal.
Week 12- baby’s movements become less jerky and more controlled including head movements; baby will be able to recognize changes around him such as a room becoming dimmer as the sun goes down or when the light is switched off.
Week 19- baby will start to understand that he can reach for things and also put things in his mouth; become even more vocal and will start to roll.
Week 26- baby becomes more mobile and starts to coordinate his arms, legs and rest of his body; he will start to become more clingy as he realizes he is away from people and has no way of getting to them; starts to recognize that certain noises have meanings such as a noise from the bathroom means bath time; starts to understand that he “belongs” with Mum, Dad, brother, sister etc.
Week 37- baby will start to explore, experiment and absorb their findings such as squashing a banana in their hands to see how it feels; trying to take things apart; will start recognize that certain objects and people belong together in groups such as banana and carrot are different but are both edible; will have a better understanding of words; other people will start to become important to baby.
Week 46- baby will start to “put 2 & 2 together”; will become more aware of what he is doing and will be able to sequence events.
I hope this helps you to understand your baby’s development a little more, I know it did for me.