Development progress in children from 15 to 18 months

Infants grow into inquisitive toddlers and begin to investigate all sorts of things around them. During the fifteen to eighteen months stage child development is happening quickly. Parent’s notice their child is learning at a faster pace than a couple months prior. With an overview of child development from 15-18 months parents, learn what to expect and learn techniques that enhance that stage of their toddler’s life.

Social development 

During fifteen to eighteen months, children become assertive. Your child tries things independently like feeding themselves, holding their own cup and want their way no matter what you say or do. Tantrums happen when parents try to stop a child from being independent.  This is normal for children this age.

Provide plenty of social contact with other children of this age group. Socialization provides interaction and helps your child as well as others develop skills to get along with others. Toddlers now begin picking up toys and placing them in toy boxes or designated areas, you’ve set up. He or she begins to tell you what types of food and drink preferred.

Language development 

During this time, parents are careful what’s said and watched on television. Toddler’s pick up words around them and start to copy what they hear. If you don’t want children picking up bad language or coping your actions, don’t do or say anything inappropriate in front of him or her. Reading books is a great way to encourage improved words for your child.

The word no is heard from your toddler at this stage. This is also a time when your son or daughter doesn’t want to hear the word no. Don’t give into them with yes stay firm and let them know who’s in control of all situations.

Toys for 15-18 months

Provide toys for your child to cuddle up to at naptime. Cuddly toys provide a sense of security and closeness for children at this age. It also helps them understand that sleeping alone is okay.

Toy musical instruments help stimulate developing brains. In addition, it teaches children eye and hand coordination. Musical toys help children distinguish which toys make different sounds.

A toy telephone helps children learn numbers 0-9. This is a great time to start teaching certain numbers like home telephone numbers, house numbers or 911 in case of emergencies. Children pick up quickly and learn faster with toys they enjoy.

Books with pictures enable children to put words with people, places and things. Readings creates bonding between parent and child. As you read pages aloud to your child, ask questions for your child to answer or point out in the book. Questions like where’s the pig, where’s the cow and more helps your child develop skills.

Having an overview of child development from 15-18 months handy helps know what‘s expecting at this stage of their lives. Stimulating your child’s development through reading aloud and showing pictures makes vocabulary easy to notice and provides words you want your child to learn. For further reading check out Different Stages of Speech Development in Children