Development milestones from baby to toddler

When your baby enters into the world, she depends fully on you to take care of her needs. Your time is devoted to your baby and your all is put into caring for her. Once she reaches the toddler stage, there will be many significant changes that will make you realize that she is growing up fast. Toddlerhood is an exciting time, but be prepared as it is also a time where your child will keep you on your toes. Toddlers are inquisitive and curious, and they strive for independence.

Here are some signs that your baby is entering toddlerhood:

More time for you

Your baby has always signaled when she is awake, making it known that she is hungry and in need of attention. Once she reaches the toddler stage, she may start amusing herself in the morning and play happily. You may find her laying there with a big grin on her face while staring up to greet you in the morning. This is a big change and one that is a welcome one, as you ease into the morning calmly. Your child realizes that she will be fed and has come to expect her morning feed, so she has no need to get agitated and make a fuss.

Becoming mobile

A toddler starts to become mobile, making clumsy steps towards independence. Once she finds her feet, she has become a fully fledged toddler that will be into everything. This is an exciting time for her, as she has been waiting a long time to explore her surroundings. Now she has the whole world to explore and discover. This is a great age of fun and exploration, where she will be enthralled by everything she touches. Once your child is keeping you on your toes, you know that this is the toddler stage.

Certain preferences

Your child may seem to become fussy and fickle over what she wants and likes. This is all perfectly normal and is her way of making choices and decisions. She is now finding her independence, and this can seem like a challenging and confusing time for you. Her likes are expected to change frequently. She will start showing a preference over certain foods and toys. She may decide that she only wants cereal at mealtimes, as she tries to get control and she knows this is her favorite food.

First words

As your child enters into toddlerhood, she will be saying her first words. These will be single words, often ones which she has heard often and ones that are important to her. In many cases, a toddler will be saying a variation of mom and dad, along with other words such as no. No is a favorite with many toddlers, as it gives them control. Refusing to do as asked is a way of her learning how to control her world. It gives her a sense of control and independence which is vital at this stage of development.

Leaving you behind

You may start to feel redundant and no longer needed, which is the hardest part of your baby entering toddlerhood. As she strives for independence, she will be eager to do everything herself, regardless of how it turns out. This is an exciting time for her, yet a daunting and sometimes scary time for you. While it is difficult, you need to let go of your toddler to let her grow and develop healthily. While she runs off excitedly, you will find you are on a constant game of chase. Enjoy the fun and see the sheer joy your toddler has exploring.

Entering into toddlerhood is a huge milestone for both you and your child. An exciting time for your child, as she has found her independence, has become mobile and can gain control of her world. For you the parent, this can be a trying time and it can seem difficult to let go. It is essential to your child’s development to allow her to be her own person. Once you notice she is taking more control of her own world, you can see she has entered into toddlerhood. Enjoy every moment of this exciting new adventure.