Determining your Peak Day by Cervical Fluid Output

Cervical WHAT? You want me to look WHERE and then do WHAT with it?
Warning: checking your CM (or cervical mucus) is NOT for the faint of heart- But it sure can help you pinpoint when you are Ovulating, thus helping you get pregnant that much faster!

Cervical mucus is the fluid that is made up from the Uterus and thus flows ( or really it just slightly trickles) down through the cervix and into the lower vagina.
For many women this is an excellent tool in over all gynecological health.
Cervical mucus follows a basic pattern much like that of your normal menstrual cycle.
In the beginning of your cycle your CM will be dry; as it will be masked mos likely by the menses. After about day 5 ot so, your CM will start to take on a tacky, dry appearance. As you get nearer to the mid point of your cycle, it will become wetter,cloudy with a chance of stretch!

Its all about the Stretch baby….Once your CM becomes stretchy, and clear and basically the consistency of a runny nose BINGO get to work! For it is this cervical mucus that the little sperm’s thrive in. In excellent cervical mucus conditions; sperm’s can live up to 5 days!

After Ovulation your CM will drastically begin to dry up, and the process begins yet again!

Now how do I FIND this stuff? Well my dear….its not for the faint of heart.
For many, it is obvious as they visit the potty; they have evidence on the panties, For others, your gonna have to go exploring!
With 1-2 fingers, reach up into your vagina and when you reach the tip of the cervix (which will feel like a nose in varying softness depending on your place in cycle)
Grab a little of the good stuff and bring it out in your two fingers.
Check it…It wont bit you I promise!

Now what can I do if I don’t have any CM?
Often, little cm can be resolved by not taking histamine’s, increasing your intake of fluids, green tea has been said to help, as has eating baby carrots.
If after a few cycles you still do not detect any visible pattern of cervical mucus, please give a shout out to your Dr or naturopath for further guidance.

Good luck