Determining the Cost of a Baby Sitter – No

The responsibility of caring for a baby is enormous. Why shouldn’t  the baby sitting fee match the enormity of this responsibility? There are far too many times, a parent may choose a young teenager to be responsible for caring for their baby. The parents might assume they can pay a young person less money for this huge responsibility. Babysitters should be paid according to the degree of responsibility. The well being of your children should be the value of your peace of mind. How much is your peace of mind worth to you?

Yet, babysitting fees are in direct correlation to the escalation of fuel,food and labor. While, babysitting a child for minimum wage may be considered by most teens as a fair wage. In fact, it’s highway robbery to expect someone to work at any job for less than minimum wage. Consider the cost of child care at a reputable child care provider center. Chances, are a second income will be needed just to pay for child care at one of those “reputable” centers.

It’s true child care costs are at an all time high. The only way to counter this cost is to ask a trusted family member or trusted friend to look after your children. How ever, this solution is often unreasonable to ask of anyone, because family members and friends are employed too. Another solution to the high cost of babysitting fees is to trade favors with a friend or family member that has a child also. A simple contract can be agreed upon to outline a fair and even exchange of baby sitting duties.

Let’s consider this scenario. A babysitter is just there to watch over your children while you’re at work. What if there is an emergency and your child needs CPR or some other medical emergency? Certainly, a toddler may not know what to do in these situations. So in essence you are paying for the willingness to handle these unforeseen crisis. Now, you may see the value in paying a competent baby sitter what they are worth.

Professional nannies demand a living wage to care for other people’s children and rightly so. It’s not unheard of for professional nannies to garner a higher income for their work as high priced care givers to other people’s children. No doubt, the parents that pay a nanny a six figure income can afford to do so. But, what about ordinary parents that are in need of a babysitter? These ordinary parents should also place a high value on the needs of their children. After all, you can’t replace your little darlings.

Babysitting fees must be factored into your household budget. Consider this fee a necessity for the livelihood and well being of your family. Now, would you want anyone to care for your child that you’re not compensating fairly. Surely, a well compensated babysitter will take good care of your children. It’s worth your peace of mind.