Dealing with Lots of Unwanted Advice during Pregnancy

Isn’t it amazing the horror stories that people feel the need to share with you when you’re pregnant? There must be an unwritten rule somewhere, that if you’re pregnant people need to tell you their horror stories of pregnancy, labor and delivery, or give you all the unwanted advice, that they themselves didn’t appreciate.

I’ve heard just about every horror story in the book relating to pregnancy, and I’ve gotten all the advice in the world that was NOT helpful, and some of it just downright dangerous! No, lifting something over your head won’t cause the baby’s cord to wrap around his or her neck. It is perfectly fine to continue having sexual intercourse unless your doctor says otherwise, no, the baby won’t know the difference!

People usually aren’t trying to be intrusive and they often mean well. And whether it’s your first child or your fifteenth there will always be someone who has to share advice. In most cases, telling them that their advice is un-wanted, un-needed, and un-welcome just doesn’t do any good. There are always people out there who “know best”. This can include friends, close family members, co-workers, and even random people you come across while running errands.

The best thing to do to deal with unwanted advice during pregnancy, is to let it go in one ear and out the other. Just take what you’re told with a grain of salt and let the rest go. It really will help you to keep your sanity during pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a joyous, albeit trying, time.

You don’t need unwanted, unsolicited advice or horror stories to give you nightmares. Just stay focused on staying healthy for you and your baby and ignore the advice. If you have questions or concerns about something you might be told or hear, all you need to do is talk to your doctor about it.

For those who are extremely agressive about giving their advice- just politely tell them thank-you for their concern and that you don’t need the advice. Of course, if you can say it in a non-offending manner, you can even tell them that if you ever do need advice, they’ll be the first person you ask! Just smile and nod at strangers, you likely won’t see them again anyway.

Smiling and nodding will help to get them to stop talking at you quicker and will help keep you from blowing your top. Just ignore the advice and know they mean well, and do what YOU feel/know is best under the guidance of your physician.