Dealing with an Incompetent Cervix

I didn’t find out that I had an incompetent cervix until I was over halfway through my second pregnancy. I had already had my first son premature and my husband and I had been worried about our second one being premature also. We had not known why I had our first son so early, so my doctor said she would keep a closer eye on me and send me to a specialist as I got closer to my due date.

My first son was born at 28 weeks. With my second son I went to the hospital with weird cramps that ended up being just gas. But if I hadn’t gone to the hospital to get my cramps checked out they wouldn’t have discovered that my cervix was beginning to shorten too early. I was put on immediate bedrest.

My mom had always worried about me being able to get pregnant and carry to term because I have a bad back, but neither of us thought that it would be because one of my very feminine parts just didn’t want to work properly. Along with the incompetent cervix I also had an irritable uterus. But with the bedrest I was able to carry my second son almost to term.

I want to have more children, but my husband and I are worried about what might happen next time, now that we know what my problem is. I am willing to take the risk though, but only for one more child. My husband isn’t so sure it is something he wants to take a chance on though.

There is an operation that can be done to help you carry your baby. It is the purse string operation, where they put a stitch in your cervix once you’re pregnant so the cervix can’t open. Then when you are ready to deliver they take it out. This operation can only be done very early in the pregnancy though and it can be a bit risky. If your water gets broken by accident while they are doing the procedure then you will lose your baby. I think this is a risk that many women with incompetent cervix’s are willing to take, if it’s their only chance for carrying their baby to term.