Curing Cradle Cap

AHHHH! Cradle Cap!

As a first time parent you suddenly feel as though you were not meant to have children. Your beautiful baby, that tiny little bundle that you loved from the very moment you felt it within your womb, is now damaged because you are such a terrible mother. You feel that you have done something wrong and everyone else will know it because the evidence is directly on the top of the child’s head.
This was the way I felt the first time I discovered it and I shouldn’t think that I was the only one. Thankfully it doesn’t reflect on your parenting skills whatsoever because it is natural.

In this day and age one has great resources available to them that will happily offer advice and suggest products to aid in curing all sorts of ailments such as cradle cap and thankfully they are readily available from your own home.
When my first child developed it, I immediately took her back to the hospital thinking that I damaged her. But after the nurses bit back their laughter and calmed my nerves they gave me a simple suggestion that I used for all of my children.

First of all, stop washing their hair with shampoos that dry their scalp out. They are only babies and because they’re not outside playing in the mud you don’t need to scrub them down every night.

Second, take a small amount of baby oil and gently massage it into their scalp. This will soften the dry skin, making it easier to come away from the babies scalp.

Third, take a soft brush, the ones that are made for babies and gently brush the dry skin out. In combination with the oil, the dry skin will flake away easily while the soft brush offers a soothing massage to the baby.

Providing you didn’t douse the child with oil you will have no need to wash it out, instead, leave it and it will continue to keep the scalp soft. I found that using the oil once every few days, the cradle cap quickly cleared up and prevented any bad outbreaks in the future.