Cures for Morning Sickness

One of the necessary evils of most pregnancies, morning sickness can strike anytime and anywhere. It can be uncomfortable to say the least, and many mothers-to-be struggle with it for far beyond the first three months of their pregnancy. A number of remedies can help address this malicious malady.

Motion sickness wristbands

With the power of acupressure, motion sickness armbands are small bands that wrap around your wrist. They contain a small ball, which presses at a point in the wrist. These are commonly utilized for motion sickness but they may be effective for some women in the throes of morning sickness. They contain no medication and can be worn as needed to help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness.


Some expectant mothers find that mint can help with morning sickness. You can purchase some small candies to chew on in order to help yourself.


For many, morning sickness can be aided with psychological techniques. When you sit and think about the sickness, you are likely to feel worse. If you can distract yourself, you may forget about its very presence. You can try to call an old friend or watch a satirical film.

Also consider your psychological attitude. Sometimes if you expect something, it will happen. Try to be optimistic about feeling well and you may help yourself to do so.

Eating habits

Many find that morning sickness is tied in to their eating habits. Women often get it in the morning because they are hungry. Try to avoid being hungry. On the other hand, it is also important to avoid stuffing yourself with heavy and fatty foods. A lot of women find that simple foods such as crackers can help to settle their stomachs.

Avoiding triggers

Many women find that their morning sickness is tied in to certain triggers. It may be a food. Oftentimes a mere smell can bring on the feelings of sickness that are so despised. Avoiding these triggers may help you avoid the morning sickness.


For those with a severe case of morning sickness, prescription medication is sometimes recommended. This is often instituted when the mother has trouble keeping food and liquid down and her nutrition is compromised. It can also be used in less severe cases, however. Zofran is a commonly prescribed medication.

Morning sickness is extremely uncomfortable, but many steps can provide relief. Different methods work for different people, thus all should be considered when addressing this issue.