Conceiving a Baby Boy Separating Myths from Facts

How to conceive baby boy? There are no magical answers to this question, except in a science laboratory. Modern technology has advanced to the point where you can pick the sex of your child in a laboratory. For those seeking a more natural method there are many hints and tips out there, but none are infallible, nature decides. If you are desperate for a boy you must first ask, why? and be prepared to accept a girl.

The spermatozoa of the father wholly determine the sex of a baby. Male sperm live fast and die young, but girl sperm get there eventually and wait around. This leads to the most common and probably successful way of choosing the sex of your child. If you wait until ovulation to try and conceive then the male sperm are more likely to reach the egg first. Boys are more likely to be conceived the day before, the day of, and the day after ovulation. Intercourse earlier in the cycle is more likely to lead to a girl. To use this method you will need an ovulation kit. There are many different ones available, from a simple thermometer to chemically based ones. It is important to buy a good one, and use it carefully, if you are using this method of trying to pick the sex of your baby.

Other recommended methods of conceiving a boy revolve around diets and supplements. The rationale is that by changing the pH of your body you make it more hostile to female sperm. A more acidic environment kills female sperm. Various things are suggested to achieve this aim, eat more meat and less chocolate (sorry), eat fewer vegetables and less fish. Your naturopath can advise on the different herbs that may help with this as well. It may be recommended to use acidic douches before intercourse to achieve this. Be careful here, only use proprietary brands and think of the dangers. I haven’t found any good evidence that this method is very good.

Some of the less researched methods I have come across are a cup of coffee before intercourse for the man; apparently caffeine stimulates the male sperm. A cold bath before intercourse, apparently girl sperm don’t like the cold. Have an orgasm for a boy; apparently this changes vaginal pH to an acidic one favouring male sperm. Some people advocate different sexual positions for conceiving a boy. Positions that allow for deeper penetration are expected to favour boy sperm as they get a head start over a short sprint.

There is a slightly higher chance of having a boy than a girl even if you do nothing. This is because men naturally produce a slightly higher percentage of male sperm. In order to boost your chances the man’s sperm count should be as high as possible. He should eat plenty of nuts and other vitamin E and zinc rich foods, and wear boxers, not tight underwear. When you are looking at the statistics for different programs that are sold to hopeful couples remember that fifty percent of couples get the sex of baby that they want naturally, so if the brochure claims that sixty percent of couples succeeded, this is not a very high success rate.

I would say try anything you feel like to improve your chances, none of these methods is dangerous, except wrongly used douches. Just remember that in the end nature decides and if you are not prepared to love a baby girl don’t have a baby.