Competition – Help

Too often, we try to shield the brutalities of the world from young people, and in our attempt to save them, end up dooming them instead. Not only does competition help young people prepare for that distant future, but it also draws them from their sheltered bubble into the reality that they rightfully belong in.

First and foremost, we must remember that competition is not some horrible demented evil set out to crush the souls of all who experience it. Competition is a natural element of life, and by depriving it, so much of the vigor and excitement of light is depleted. It is natural for people to compete, and it is also natural for some to to fail temporarily in order for others to succeed. It’s only through competition that society has progressed as much as it has. Competition pushes us forward, drives us beyond our capabilities, and unleashes the human element of willpower in us all. Competition is so vital to humanity, that it seems almost cruel and unusual punishment to deprive young people of something that they were rightfully heir to. The thrill of winning, the bitter defeat of losing, and the fierce determination to succeed, is what life is made of, and anyone, both young and old, is surely made a better person by the trials that they experience through the sometimes brutal fists of competition.

This competition helps young people by preparing them for life. While it’s true that some tears will be shed, and some feelings hurt, young people are surprising resilient, and not, as some people so often mistake them for, little dolls to be coddled and held. Reality is, sheltering them now will only hurt the future of the young people, by failing to properly expose and prepare them, but sheltering these young people will also hurt ourselves. The fate of the future rests in the hands of young people, young capable people who need the experience of competition to strengthen themselves, and the world around them. By denying them of this, we are not only dooming the futures of these bright young people, but also our own futures as well, as their expertise through competition will surely strengthen the support that we turn to as we grow old and senile.

Competition helps young people by giving them the passion and determination they need to succeed in all aspects of life. Let the young people experiance life in all it’s brilliance, for the trials that they face will only make their victories sweeter. In this case, without a doubt, what doesn’t kill you will surely make you stronger.