Clothing Choices of Pre Teens

Pre-teen years are between being 10 and 13. During this time a preteen should be encouraged to use their opinions to make decisions but they do still need some guidance and help. The clothing department is one area in which preteens need their parents’ help to make them make good clothing choices.

1. Know their bodies.
During their preteen years children are realising that their bodies are starting to change a little. Perhaps they have suddenly had a growth spurt or are starting to develop breasts and so it is important that parents help children to recognise this and to choose clothes which fit them well. Children who wear ill-fitting clothes are likely to be picked on and to lose confidence in themselves. It is a parent’s role to help guide their children and advise them about which clothes they look best in.

2. Give independence.
Children need to make some mistakes in order to progress in life so do give them some independence so that they can learn how to make decisions themselves. A way to give a child independence is to have them pay for their clothing themselves, this will mean that they have to look at how much they have to spend and then work out what exactly it is that they would like to buy with that money. This can teach a lot of lessons, which can be very important.

3. Boundaries.
Children need boundaries. Parents must ensure that they set boundaries in place when it comes to clothing choices. This may mean that a budget is set so that children cannot spend over a certain amount on clothes a month, it may be that a particular brand of clothing is only purchased on an odd occasion.

4. Be positive.
Children like to feel good and so when they have made a good clothing choice let them know about it. Praise them for opting to wear something which fits well or that reflects their personalities. Praising good decisions will lead to children continuing to make them.

5. Talk.
If you are unhappy with a clothing choice your preteen has made then instead of telling them off have a calm conversation with them where you listen to why they chose the clothes they did and then take time to explain why you are not happy. Having a logical and calm conversation will help both you as a parent and your preteen to understand each other.