Choosing the best Bedding for your Child

Choosing your child’s bedding doesn’t have to be difficult. Things to consider when choosing kid’s bedding is, the age of the child, cost of kid’s bedding, whether you need a kid’s comforter, and the type of sheets that you want to use on the bed.

When choosing bedding work from the bottom up. Start with a good mattress pad. If, or more likely when your child has an accident or is sick, this will help to protect their mattress. Sheets should be chosen for functionality. Look at durability and comfort while considering if you want a set. Well chosen sheets can last a very long time. Cotton sheets are great to use but are harder to find. They also tend to stain more easily than a mix of polyester and cotton. With kids you never know what you might find in their bedding and how hard they will play on it, so strive for durability. Sheets can be found in a wide range of prices and places from discount stores to high end department stores. It is not the cost of the sheets but are they kid safe and sturdy.

Do you use a comforter, or not?

A comforter is good choice on children’s beds, because they can protect the bedding under the comforter. They are usually more durable and can take a lot of abuse. When a comforter is not needed, it can be pulled down at night when the child goes to bed. Some children love the feel of a comforter and feel safer with this cover over them. Comforters come in a wide range of colors, prices, warmth factors and thread counts. Thread counts of 230 are usually the basic and 430 thread count is more luxurious. Parents can buy comforter sets that contain everything but the mattress pad or they can chose to buy just a comforter. Look at what material the comforter is made of is it hypoallergenic or is it a goose down. One of the places to shop when looking for kid’s comforter or comforter set is department stores that carry overstock items or outlet shopping. Prices can be much lower and you can still get very good quality children’s bedding.

Let your child help with choosing their bedding. This can help them to feel that they have an interest in how their room looks and feels. Even young kid’s know what they like in kids bedding.