Choosing the best Baby Food for your Baby

When weaning your baby you may consider which baby food is best for your baby and what is best for one child is not necessarily best for another. There are a number of considerations that you need to make when deciding which is the best and your decision is personal to you and your child. Here is an overview of some of the considerations you will need to make when deciding what is the best option for you.

Homemade or prepared

One of the first things that you will need to consider is whether you intend to feed your baby with food that you have made yourself or whether to buy jars of baby food form the store. There are many factors that may influence this decision. You may choose homemade food because you are in control of what your baby eats or because it is more cost effective. On the other hand, you may decide that buying jars of prepared baby food is the better option for you because they are nutritionally balanced or because it will save time. A further option, and one that many mothers choose, is to combine homemade food with prepared food. Often, parents make the majority of the meals themselves but then use prepared baby food on occasion for convenience.

Age appropriateness

Another consideration is the age appropriateness of the foods you choose. Prepared foods will have written information that tells parents what age of child the food is intended for. Certain foods are not suitable for children of particular ages, predominantly because there is a risk of allergy or a child’s digestive system is not yet ready for certain foods. If you are preparing the food yourself then you should discuss with a health visitor what is appropriate for your child to eat and when you should introduce different foods.

Organic options

There is an increasing awareness of the nutritional and environmental benefits of buying organic produce. If you choose to make baby food yourself then you will be able to select fresh produce to include in your baby’s meals that is organic. Similarly, many stores sell organic prepared baby food and this is usually clearly written on the label.

Considering allergies

If your child has allergies to some foods then this will be an important part of deciding which food to give your baby. Prepared foods have allergy advice on the labels informing you of what the product contains and if there is the possibility of traces of other products being in the food. It is important to read this information to keep your baby safe and healthy. A better option in this case may be to prepare all of the food yourself. This way you have full control over the contents and can take measures to prevent your child from being exposed to any products they have allergies to.

Which baby food to choose is a personal decision that is influenced by many factors. Budget, time, brand, personal beliefs, allergies and the age of your child are all things that you will need to consider when making this decision.