Choosing a name for your boy baby

Choosing a name for your baby boy is one of the most pleasant things you can do while waiting for him to arrive. Since you have plenty of time you can give the decision much thought. Go to the library and get books that are about names, about their histories and get to know many names. Write down those that sound good to and talk this over with your husband or someone close to you. You may want to keep the actual selection a secret until the he actually makes his entrance. In no time you will know you have made the right decision as he become John, Joshua, or whatever.

It is your choice. Do not let grandparents, grandmothers, and other relatives take this away from you. They will tell you of your dear old father and how they wish you would name your child in his honor. If this is pleasing to you and you don’t mind go ahead, but if you are only doing it to keep peace in the family, don’t give in. This is your choice.

No one has the right to take this naming of your baby away from you. Now that problem is settled, what about the name. Try to think how it will affect his life growing up and ever after. Try to see that name as he goes to high school or out into the world of business. Don’t give him a name that will embarrass him. Put the name together with the last name and see if the three initials all work well together.

You don’t want them to spell out a word that may make it easy for his friends to call him a degrading or cute nickname. In other words, Donald Adam Miller may be a good name for a beaver but not for your son. Believe me, these little things do make a difference later on in life.

Also, don’t give in to a urge to name your son a cute name that will fit perfectly as a toddler but will be made fun of in high-school. The naming of your son is very important. He will appreciate it if you give it a lot of thought.

Some names are for all time. There will probably never be a time when John will not be chosen, or William, or Michael, or James, or Charles, or any of these old time favorites of the English world. But what will be forthcoming now in this new global world will be names that are suggestive of other cultures and this is great. But still, try to fit the name to the man he will become. He will thank you a million times over.