Choosing a name for baby you can agree upon

From the moment that second line shows up on the pregnancy test, new parents start thinking about names. Some couples have known before conception what they would name their children, others are still pouring over baby name books in the delivery room. The biggest challenge comes when the couple cannot agree on the perfect name for their progeny. The following are some tips for finding a name for your child that you will both love. 

Take a look in your family trees

There are often wonderful names hidden in its branches. Ask your grandparents what their parents’ and grandparents’ names were. Old-fashioned names are back in style and you may even find a gem that is present on both sides of the family. There may also be family surnames that may be used as first names. For example, a name like “Johnston” could make a terrific first name for a boy and “Payette” could be a pretty girl’s name. Using names from generations past brings a sense of unity and history to your new family.

Make it meaningful

If you met on a plane, you might want to name your daughter Air. If you met in physics class, perhaps you might want to name your son, Photon.  These are somewhat silly examples that show how you can take events in your life as a couple to give a meaningful name to your child. Think of what means something to you, whether it is a city that is important to you or an English teacher from high school. Your child will delight in hearing how his or her name came about.

Take turns

Often the easiest way to solve the name debate is that one member of the couple gets to choose the first name and the second member gets to choose the middle name for their first child. It is then reversed for the second kid. You just have to make sure to be reasonable. If your husband hates “Gertrude” or your wife hates “Thor”, you may need to fall back on your second choice. 

Mix it up

Sometimes the most unique names are the ones created from two different names. For example if your husband is set on “Lisa” and you have always dreamed of naming your girl “Annette”, you can combine the names and create “Lisette”, “Lisanne” or “Annalisa”, all beautiful compromises. Use your imagination and have fun creating new combinations. You may or may not find the right name but you will certainly find many laughs in trying. You may also want to run a quick Google search on any new name to make sure it does not have any alternative meanings of which you are unaware. 

The perfect name is out there and finding it is a job for two. Hopefully, some of the devices listed above can help you do it with a minimum of discourse and stress but if they do not, relax.  If you cannot find the right name, it will find you. Your baby will leave the hospital with a name that will not only be exactly right for him or her but will be exactly right for his or her parents too.