Choosing a Baby name with your Spouse

One of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent is what to name your child. Fortunately or unfortunately, you will not be making this decision alone if you have a spouse, reminds Parenting Magazine. If you do not have a shared favorite, you will need to compromise.

One method of compromise works only if you plan to have more children, and works even better if you want several more. One can choose the name for this child while the other gets to choose the name for the next. Of course, you must make sure to follow through with the promise, and both parents have to realize that they may not get a child of the same gender the next time.

Another method is to use one name for the first name and another for the second. Of course, the middle name is not generally as important as the first; however, for some it may be enough.

If neither of the above methods work, the parents need to work together to come up with a common name that they like. When you go into “negotiations,” remember that each person has an equal right to make the name. Try to keep in-laws and others out of it, if at all possible.

If possible, first agree on the type of name you want. For instance, should the name be traditional or unique? Do you want it to begin with a certain letter? Do you want it to be of a certain nationality? If you can agree on one of these terms, you may be able to at least narrow the field.

One method is to have each person list potential names that he or she likes. They can then rank them on a scale from the ones they like the best to the ones they like the least. The parents can then exchange the list and rank each other’s choices. Cross off ones that each hates. Hopefully, you will find one that both parents like a lot even if it is not the favorite of either.

You can also go through baby books to look at different names. You may find one that you both love, even if you had not thought of it previously.

Choosing a baby name is a daunting task, especially if you need to compromise. Work together with your spouse to find the perfect name for your little one.