Children trying new Things

Encouraging your child to try new things can seem like a difficult task. Children are often reserved in what they want to do and getting them to participate in new activities is both tiring and time consuming. With patience and persistence, your child may regularly want to try new things.

The first step is encouraging your child to participate in the activities by putting an emphasis on the fun element of it. If it is their first time trying a new sport, remind them about previous activities which they have done and relate it to the sport. Young children tend to be insecure about new situations, so make sure the new activity is not too much of a unknown pursuit, or else they may not participate at all. 

Continuously offering your support to your child is another important part. Remember, it is you who are one of the most influential figures in your child’s life. They will often look to you for support and encouragement. The best you can do is give it to them, especially when they are trying new things. Doing so will give your child the confidence to give their best and take a more vested interest in the activity or pursuit. The more you encourage them, the more likely a child will be to try new things in the future.

Tell your child about your first experience trying a new activity. Subconsciously, each child wants to know the feelings, which you experienced, when you tried a new activity. Describe to them how you felt and the emotions which you felt once you got involved with the activity. It will bring a sense of relief to the young child’s mind, knowing that their parents have been through the same experiences and that it is possible to enjoy trying new things.

Talk to the child about how it will help them to become a better person. If you are trying to get them to read, inform them how much better their imagination will be, if they read more. Children love to be creative and allowing them to personally express their own personal feelings creates a personal growth. Be prepared to tell them how they have become a better person, as they are often unaware of it until someone tells them.

Do not be hesitant in encouraging your child to try new things. Be supportive of their choices and let them know, again and again, how enjoyable each new activity will be.