Children Sex Talk

Ways to teach your children about sex:

Parents may be very surprised to learn just how much their child already know and understand about sex. Chances are if they over ten, they have more insight than you ever did at that age. This information comes from many sources: T.V., movies and friends.

But there are much better and safer ways to get the right information to your child. Here are just a few ideas for you.

Do It Yourself: So many parents freak out at the idea of the sex talk. This is ridiculous! Your children trust you and they know that you have great knowledge about this subject, I mean, they couldn’t have been born if you were doing it yourselves right?

While it’s uncomfortable, you need to sit down and relax, and talk to your child. If you are unsure of what to say and what information to give, do your own research. Turn to the Internet for some guidelines. Set aside an half hour with your kid and just go at it. Start by asking What do you know about sex? This will give you an idea of what they know. But keep in mind that what they know, may not be the right information. Let them do most of the talking at first to develop some trust, and to show your child that you are willing and open to hearing what they have to say and to their views. Refrain from laughing if possible, blushing, shaking your head or blurting out WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT FROM? Doing that will only close out the conversation and make your child feel that they cannot come to you with these subjects.

During this time, don’t try to be cool and stay away from nicknames for the body parts. Call them what they are, no matter how hard that may be. Your son doesn’t want to hear you say his dingle and berries, and your daughter doesn’t want to hear you say the words who who.

The Internet Slideshow:

There are a couple of perks by using the Internet as your guide. Bring your child into the computer room and have them sit beside you. Do research beforehand though and know which sites you want to visit prior to the sit down. You don’t want to bring up a Swedish whipping pole show or whatever.

Have your child read about sex and then have them ask you questions if they are confused about something. Parent Surprise: Include in this Internet learning experience some sights that show in detail sexually transmitted diseases. This will gross them out and make them think twice about what they are going to do.

Pass It Off:

You can also take the chicken way out if you don’t feel you can do this talk. You can ask your own parents to speak with your kid, a counselor or maybe someone at their school like the health Ed. Teacher.

The downside to passing this off is that you are losing out on sharing this information with your child. You are telling that kid that they are not important enough for you to take the time to inform them about an important milestone in their life. You will be missing the chance to develop a stronger relationship and a closer one with them.