Children Parents Family – Yes

Children need to feel someone is always there for them and what better person than one of their parents or close relations at least.I feel we are otherwise pushing children away from us and that is where problems can occur.I think more people worry about material possessions these days and are jeopardising their family though some don’t seem to notice or some keep wanting.I would rather have a well rounded family where my children could come home and tell me all about their day and enjoy their home while they still are home as children grow up too quick and then they’re out on their own.I like to live by my means and that is that my kids come first,not me as I will have that time later in life but while they’re at school I’d work around them still to make sure I was home when they came home too.Kids can have every possession in the world but what they want most is your love and time believe me as I never had either but my choice would be easy.There is nothing wrong with working parents as if they want more in life they have to work to get it.My point is that they can find ways to be there for their kids after and even before school.Workplaces are more flexible these days and if they are not,find something that is as I would have liked the same for me when I was younger,to have my parents there for me.I missed out on a lot and think maybe thats what held me back from a lot of things in my life because I didn’t have anyone to guide me,encourage me and just be there to show support when I needed it most.Because of this I myself would feel so selfish if I would let someone else look after my kids as I had kids to look after and they also don’t ask or even get a say in being born.A lot of kids would grow up feeling isolated and my kids wont be one of them thats for sure,if I can help it.I am also totally against kids being left at home even after an age of 13.I would expect them to be 16 or over as they are then classed as adults in our society.Often though,this is an age they would need us most even though some wouldn’t like to show it.Perhaps those kids that were bought up to have you there for them at home all the time they are there would be better teenagers and better to get along with because you have been there all their life and have made them communicate with you and express their feelings so they’d be less likely to look beyond home for help and less likely to leave home and get into all sorts of trouble.I know we all cant tell what our children are going to turn out like but wee can at least be there for them and try to give our one hundred percent so we at least know we have done all we possibly could and hope they take all that good on in their lives.