Children Cell Phones

I need to ask a very important question: Why would a 7-year old child need a cell phone? Can anyone tell me where a 7-year old child would be that a cell phone would be necessary? How many parents allow their 7-year old child to wander around town, or anywhere else, alone?

It seems apparent that the only sensible answer to this question would be… “have you lost your mind?” It is evident the modern day parents who seem to believe their children deserve to own every new device that comes on the market before any of their friends are way too eager to relinquish their responsibility as parents.

Let us explore a few common sense facts regarding children at the age of seven. If the parents are not attending to the child, it would make sense that there would be a responsible sitter in their place.

By age seven, a child is usually attending school. While there, it has always been a tradition to have teachers, principals and other staff in charge for the care and welfare of the child. Should an emergency arise, those in charge are responsible for contacting the parents.

In most cases a 7-year old is either driven by a parent to and from school, or is transported by a school bus. Once they arrive at school they remain there until the end of the school day. They are taken to the cafeteria for lunch, then returned to their classroom immediately after. Again, being directed by school officials at all times.

Apparently there are some parents who feel their child needs to be able to communicate with them at will. Perhaps they feel the child is in need of parental guidance throughout the day and can only do that by carrying around a cell phone. It does not occur to the parent that this just might be disruptive to the classroom in which the child is participating. This is truly a sign that it is the parent, not the child, who is insecure.

I can only imagine the chaos that would occur if 7-year old children were allowed to have cell phones in their possession. Considering that teenagers are not allowed to have cell phones turned on while in school, and for this very reason, does it make any sense at all to expect a 7-year old child to be responsible enough to not use the cell phone if he were allowed to carry one?

In conclusion, having given this question considerable thought, I cannot think of any reason in the world for a 7-year old to have a cell phone of their own. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to understand what would even prompt a rational adult to consider the idea in the first place. Don’t they know any 7-year old children?