Childhood Obesity how to help your Teen Lose Weight

In today’s society of fast food and junk food it has been estimated that 15-20% of American children between the ages of 7 and 18 are either obese or overweight which has steadily increased since 1970. Statistics show that there are over 9 million children who are at risk of suffering long term health issues such as developing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels or in some cases developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Along with health issues, overweight children in some cases develop low self-esteem and view themselves negatively which usually continues into adulthood. Recent studies have shown that a child who is obese at age six will have a 50% chance of developing into an obese adult. The chance of becoming an obese adult also increases if the child has a parent who is obese. The percentage of becoming an obese adult grows higher around 80% which is disheartening.

All is not lost, there are some positives and good news. With the help of adults in their lives or other trained professionals overweight children can make improvements in their eating habits. Improvements ca be made by increasing physical activity along with exercise and by changing their overall eating habits, and behaviors.

There are a myriad of reasons why children overeat and consume large quantities of food but by helping them to become more selective in their food choices and increasing their daily physical activity, positive results can be seen and measured.

Be mindful that most children are too young for fad diets of any type and they should be avoided. Also do not try and adhere to restrictive diets, they will become frustrated and the diets wont work. They will only become hungrier and overeat. Work with your child in preparing low calorie meals, allow them to be involve with and shop for great tasting healthy nutritious foods. Help them with cooking and preparing these tasteful dishes.

Children need to consume a certain amount of calories per day. Before you make any changes, it will be important to talk and discuss your concerns with your children’s pediatrician. Making drastic changes can do more harm than good if not implemented properly.

Every parent loves their children and want a healthy and happy child. Make sure that your child understands that you want them to be physically fit, healthy and happy. Great health begins with learning to eat properly while consuming nutritious and delicious meals.