Childbirth Options Overview of the Bradley Method

The Bradley Method of child birth is a method of natural child birth (without pain medication) that is based on the idea that natural child birth provides the best for the baby. Dr. Robert A. Bradley, the creator of this method, believed that a child who is born this way will be in the healthiest emotional, mental, and physical states.

Bradley Method instructors are trained professionals who educate the mother on all aspects of natural child birth such as: nutrition, natural pain reduction, breathing techniques, exercise, relaxation, and education. Bradley method classes are twelve weeks long and give a very detailed explanation on how the body works during pregnancy and labor. The materials provided will teach a woman how to use her body to work for her instead of against her during the birthing process.

Coaches (husband, father, volunteer birthing partner) are also trained on how to help the mother to channel her labor pains and ride each wave of discomfort as it comes in.

The Bradley Method educates the mother on how to balance her nutrition in a way that keeps herself and her child in the most healthy state. Natural breathing is one of the first things that is taught as it is very effective for pain management. Coaches need to be supportive and persuade the sometimes very angry mother to do natural breathing because it will make a big difference.

Coaches and moms to be are taught what to do in an emergency early labor situation and how to handle a cesarean section. After care, breastfeeding, and how to make positive contact with the newborn child are also subjects that the Bradley courses touch.

The Bradley Method has been proven to be very effective. According to,  nearly 90% of Bradley birth moms do so without pain medication and go on to have healthy happy babies.

The cost of Bradley Method training varies according to the individual teacher and the state or area that one is in. Most 12 week courses will run from about $200-$300. Out of State classes will be in the vicinity of $325 and up.

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