Childbirth Labor Classes – No

When I had found out that I was pregnant in May of 2008, I had every intention of doing things the so-called, ‘right way.’ I had plans to go sign up for childbirth classes and whatnot, but with my already busy life, I never made it. One thing always led to another and I would miss the time slot, or I would just be too tired to go. I worked up until December 16, 2008, just 9 days before I gave birth. I just did not have the time!

Looking back now, many people had told me I should have taken the classes and that I would regret not doing so. So of course, after everyone telling me I should have done it, I started to get a little nervous about how childbirth and labor was going to pan out. This then added to the nervousness and anxiety I was already experiencing, I was beginning to think I should have taken the classes.

December 25, 2008 at 6:10 p.m., I gave birth to my daughter. From the last contraction, to when my daughter came out, took approximately 10 minutes. My doctor was not prepared for it to happen that fast, as she did not even have her gloves or anything on yet, when she started coming out! When my daughter arrived, it was then that my doctor had laughed, asked me if this was my first time having a baby, and said that she had never seen a first time moms’ labor and birth go so quickly.

After the epidural and pain medication wore off was when I realized that it really was not as bad as everyone had made it seem. Was I sore? Very. Did it become extremely awkward when I had to go to the bathroom? Yes. BUT, I did just fine without the classes and without any prior instruction, which leads me to believe they really are not needed.

Everyone has their own surefire way to ease childbirth and labor, but ‘you’ are the only one who ‘knows’ what will be best for you. To me, the classes are just another pointless time consuming thing to spend your money on, which you really can’t frivolously do any longer.

If they are something you are looking into look at it this way – – you can pay someone to teach you in a class full of other expectant mothers and coaches OR you can practice at home. There are countless videos and teachings on the internet. Ultimately it is the expectant mothers’ decision, but why spend extra money on a Do-It-Your-Self? All-in-all what it comes down to is that the hospital childbirth and labor classes really are not worth taking, or necessary for that matter.