Childbirth and the Pain Factor

Everyone thinks childbirth is horrible and extremely painful. It really all depends on the person and how their labor goes. I’ve talked to people who have had a long and painful labor and I’ve talked to people who have had a short and pretty painless labor. The most pain you can experiance will be to go natural (without any pain relievers). Only very brave women can do this.

Myself, when I had my daughter, made up my mind before hand to get an epideral. At the beginning it was fine, but once I got dilated to 2, the contractions began to hurt. Some people say ‘they feel like cramps’, but these felt alot worse. They would go away for a few mins. and once you started to get relaxed they’d be happening again. Once you’ve gone into labor, the nurse will give you “Oxytocin” which is used to speed up your labor. They give you this to help the labor to progress.

When your dilated to 2, they cant give you an epideral, but they can give you medicine that will make the pain bearable. It kinda makes you feel drunk in a way. That lasts for about 3 hours. If your dilated to 4 by then, they will then give you a epideral.

During the epideral a specialist will inject a needle into your spine and place a plastic tub in your spine, which will deliver your pain medicine to you.
An epideral will take away all pain. It also makes your legs and lower body completely numb. From experience, an epideral is the best way to go. Your labor will be much more bearable.

Remember: Everyone’s labor is different.

After I recieved my epideral, about an hour later I was dilated to 8, then 30 mins. later I was up to 10. After that I pushed for like 20-30 mins. and then it was all over. You will feel a little bit of pressure when the babies shoulders push through. Actually it hurts a little but then its over. The shoulders are the biggest part of a babies body, once the shoulders are through, the doctors can just pull the baby out.

After Birth: You will feel a little bit of stinging and pressure and maybe even a little pain and discomfort when your getting sewed up. Some doctors will cut you before you rip, but alot of doctors nowadays just let you rip, unless your ripping all over the place. For me, the sewing up part was the worest. It seemed like it took forever and it was very uncomfortable. The child you have though, is well worth the process!