Child name Selection Tips

There are several methods to choose a Child’s name. Some more creative than others. For a variety of options consider the following name choosing techniques:

Method 1:

To choose a name for a Male put all of a Scrabble board game’s tiles in a bag and shake them up. To choose the number of letters roll a dice, then one by one pull out that number of tiles and place them in order of selection. That will be your new child’s name.

Method 2:

For a girl, find a book on flowers at a local library. To select the number of syllables make a circle with your forefinger and thumb and then look to the sky through it. Count the number of clouds you see. If it is overcast count the number of trees on the horizon and if sunny, pick a number from 1-5. Select five flowers you like and take the first syllable of the first flower, second syllable of the second, third for third and so on. That will be your girls name.

Method 3:

Using family legacy as your guide choose your Great Grandfather or Grandfather’s name for a Boy and Great Grand Mother or Grandmother for a girl. For Hermaphrodites combine the Male and Female names together.

Method 4:

Conventional methods offer many sources of names; popular names, common names, culturally applicable names etc. For this choosing a name is hard because there are so many to choose from. Whatever feels comfortable or jumps out at you from your selected list of conservative names is a good way to go. Or one could simply pick a name at random.

Method 5:

Calculate the statistical probability of your child’s success based on the number of names who have their names in lights at Hollywood, or from the Forbes 500 list of wealthiest people. Choose the name that comes up the most.

There are an infinite number of methods to choose a child’s name. Finding out which method to use can be difficult. To find out which method to use consider Alchemy as your guide. In alchemy liquid metals are combined to form compound metals. Similarly one may choose to combine methods to have a compound method of name choosing.