Child Discipline Corporal Punishment how to Discipline a Child

The subject of disciplining children is a very touchy one in this day and age. Twenty years ago when children behaved in an unruly or disrespectful fashion, parents used to use corporal punishment as remedy. If the neighbors witnessed a child’s bad behavior, they would administer corporal punishment to that child until his or her parents got home. This form of child correction was acceptable then and far less children were being unruly when back it was. Today we have organizations such as “Child Protective Services” who refer to discipline as abuse and give unruly children more power than a child should have by threatening parents to take their children away if they dare try and be parents. The very effective method of corporal punishment is no longer an option. How then does one discipline an unruly child?

What does a parent do to discipline a child who steals things, lies, and constantly disrespects his elders? What should be done about that child gets up the nerve to hit his mother or father? Or the one who says he can do whatever he wants because he will just call “Child Protective Services” if his parents do not let him? Here are some alternative options:

Take his toys

Taking away that Xbox 360 or the laptop may be a good way to straighten out an unruly child. Kids are very attached to their games and electronics. Removing these privileges and luxury items may shift him back toward being more respectful. It could be quite a painful experience not being able to play “Black Ops” or go on Facebook for a week. On the flip side you might have  a child who is so unruly that he will sneak into your room and take his items back while you are sleeping, in which case this method of discipline would not work.

Send him to his room

You could put your child on room arrest  so that he is not allowed to come out of his room other than for meals and bathroom visits. Make sure he has nothing in his room  that could be used for any form of entertainment. No radio, no computer, no gaming system, and no cell phone. Only leave school books and a sewing kit. The school book is so he may learn something if he gets bored enough to do such. The sewing kit is so that he can sew himself a flag of surrender when he is ready to come out and apologize. This tactic will work unless of course your child is highly creative and find something he enjoys doing alone in his room.

Tell Santa on him

If your child is extremely unruly you could always tell Santa on him. Tell Santa that he has been a very naughty boy this year. Santa will then of course not put any presents under the tree for ‘Lil Unruly and maybe he will have a better attitude next year. However, this method will not work if the child already has everything that a child his age could want because you have already spoiled him to no end.

Each of the above methods can and should be tried on an unruly child. One of them may be prove to be effective. If all else fails, try military school.