Cheap Ways to Entertain the Kids

There are only about four million and six ways to entertain a child! Children are blessed with the ability to use their minds solely for pleasure if they decide to do so…luckily for parents and guardians, mind power is FREE. You may just need some inspiration to get going. Read on to learn how you can entertain AND teach your children, while making almost no dent in your bank account.
Rule of thumb number one? Ask the kids! Whether they want to make music or something to eat, get dirty or get clean, you can do it on the cheap! Just check with them for ideas…they have them in abundant supply.
Being a parent myself, and of two toddlers nonetheless, I have found I can keep them engaged endlessly.

Is it a nasty day and you are stuck indoors? Never fear, there’s lots to do! Go into the kitchen, let them make up a recipe, make play-doh, string popcorn, let them bang on the pots and pans! In the living room? Bring out some puzzles, crayons and paper, throw a kid’s cartoon movie on, blast the music and dance! Read some books, play a game or three on your home computer, write a letter to a loved one!

Feeling charitable? Collect your bottles and cans for recycling at a later date and have the kids give the money to a resource. Draw a picture for a soldier who is lonely and far from home. Paint a picture for a friend.

Did the sun come out? Put on some shoes and head out of doors. Besides the obvious activities of going to the park, skating, or sledding, teach them along your journeys. Take a basket and have them collect items they find around the block. Show them the many types of trees that grow where you live-use the leaves for a craft later on. Feed some animals around your home; just put out some snacks and keep checking for signs of little visitors! Grab a bag and show the kids how to be friendly to their world-pick up some garbage. Pack a picnic and watch the clouds…kids adore this.

The above activities will foster creativity and compassion in your children. Help them grow wisely and teach them what you know. Project from yourself how you wish them to be.

I don’t know about you, but I think I have a busy day ahead of me with the kids…and I can assure you, it’s not going to cost me a dime;and even if it did, it would be worth every penny!