Characteristics of a Laid Back Parent

Want to know who is a laid-back parent and who isn’t? Watch their kid try and eat dirt. Then watch their reaction. That will tell you everything you need to know.

Have you ever taken your child out and watched him play in the grass? He’ll pick up every leaf he sees, every blade of grass he can get his hands on, and grab as much dirt as possible. The next stop? His mouth. My nine-month-old loves to sit and dig in the dirt. He also loves to eat it. I’ll usually stop him before he gets it in his mouth, but I’m sure he’s gotten some in there.

This is sacrilege in the day and age of hand sanitizers. If you ever go on a play date with a Purell mom you know what I mean. They sit their baby down next to yours, and watch in horror if you let your child grab the grass. Then if you let that child put his hand in his mouth without using a diaper wipe to clean it, horror! The gasp can be heard all the way to China.

Purell moms are the ones who always have the sick kid. Why is this? A friend of mine had her child come down with salmonella. When she took him to the doctor she said, “I don’t understand how she could get this. We always use hand sanitizer.” The doctor replied, “Oh, you people are the ones who always get sick.” The kids never get exposed to germs! We don’t live in a germ-free world. There’s crap everywhere and your kid is going to find it. The earlier you come to grips with this the easier your life will be.

When your child picks up a toy, drops it in the dirt, and then picks it up again to put in his mouth, let him! If it’s caked in mud you can clean it off, but otherwise, live on the wild side. I guarantee you’ll be happier and more moms will like being around you. No one lives in a Mr. Clean house and the sooner we all just let it go the better.