Challenges of being a Teenager

Some say the terrible twos are the worst time of a person’s life. Others say it’s college life or a midlife crisis. But most would agree that one of the most challenging times of one’s life are the teenage years. 

A tough part of being a teen is finding yourself. During the teenage years, your personality is evolving from a child into a young man or woman. This is tough, since you feel that not only does no one else understand you, but neither do you understand yourself. During this time in your life, you are trying to find out what your hobbies are, your fashion style, your likes and dislikes, and even things you like to eat. It can be very frustrating, not knowing these things about yourself. Self-image is also very important to teens, and it is hard to look good in front of your peers when you are changing. Try taking the Meyers-Briggs test to give you an idea of your personality type and why you do things you do. 

The teenage years also get you going on the emotional roller coaster as well. When your hormones are changing around, it tends to affect your mood swing. You can get cranky quickly, and then be happy. This can really annoy people around you, so make an effort to try and keep control of your moods. 

Pimples. Oh, yes. Pimples and acne are one of the worst things challenges of adolescence. Being a teen is hard enough, and unfortunately, pimples are a part of that. Your skin tends to produce more oils as your hormones are changing, which leads to pimples. Pimples and acne are just a part of growing up and one of those things you have to deal with. A good facial wash and eating a healthy diet is helpful with those who have skin problems, however. 

Sexual pressure is also a large part of teen life. Many teens are pressured into having sex or even just dating in general. This can be hard for those who aren’t ready for those kinds of things, and the many often yield to the pressure. Things like smoking, drinking, and taking drugs are also things that many teens are pressured into doing during their adolescent years. 

With the teenage years comes junior high and high school. Some people enjoy high school and the social life it comes with, while others tend to wile away the years, hidden from others. Then there are those who make the good grades and continue on to great careers, forfeiting the social life. A lot of teens struggle with the heavy load of schoolwork that high school and junior high bring. Bullying is also another struggle. Many kids are targeted by bullies, especially cyber bullies, during the teenage years. 

Being a teen is tough, but just remember it doesn’t last forever, so hang in there!